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Conference Talks

November 1

  • 10 am UTC-3
  • November 1


Lizzie Dyson & Kavitha Krishnan

Welcome from LTUX co-founder and Talk UX Director

  • 2 pm UTC-3
  • November 1

Campinas, Brazil

UX Writing

Amanda Lira is a journalist and graduate student in UI / UX Interaction Design at PUC Campinas, with experience as a copywriter, social media and UX Writer. After facing a career change and a new job market, she currently works as a UX Writer, with a focus on improving experiences and usability through texts, whether on websites, Apps or other solutions.

  • 3 pm UTC-3
  • November 01

Milan, Italy

Content Strategist | UX Writing Expert | Speaker & Book Author 

Valentina di Michele is a content strategist, keynote speaker and consultant in digital communication. Specialized in UX writing and behavior-driven content for Human-Machine Interactions, Valentina is the CEO & Founder of Officina Microtesti, first UX Writing and behavioral design in Italy. She also works as lecturer in Digital Marketing for University Executive Programs and Corporate and UX Writing & Microcopy Italia official community founder & admin.

  • 4 pm UTC-3
  • November 01

USA, San Francisco

UX Researcher – Google

Clara Kliman-Silver is currently a UX researcher at Google, where she studies design tools and design systems. Previously, she led UX design and research at artificial intelligence and healthcare companies in the Bay Area and Boston. She also co-organizes Ladies That UX San Francisco, mentors new chapters around the country, and founded Ladies That UX Boston. Clara holds an Sc.B. in cognitive science from Brown University.

  • 6 pm UTC-3
  • November 1



What is it like to work with user experience in a continental country and full of diversity like Brazil? We invite designers from different parts of the country to exchange experiences.

Jennifer Moreno


Dêssirre Dias

LTUX Goiânia

Lais Masteralli

LTUX Campinas

Hannane Cherif

LTUX Florianópolis

Roberta Firmino

LTUX João Pessoa

  • 7:30 pm UTC-3
  • November 1

USA, Boston

Principal Designer – Athena Health

Jenka Gurfinkel works as a Principal UX Designer at athenahealth, a network of more than 160,000 providers and 110 million patients, she designs platform-scale solutions to empower patients, grow provider business, and improve population health outcomes. She has previously designed customer experience solutions for some of the world’s largest brands and organizations, including Toyota, AARP and Live Nation. Her work and writing have been featured in Wired, TechCrunch, The LA Times, WBEZ, iO9, and more. Jenka believes all designers are agents of user health, and has developed a framework to align technology design practice with health-centered design values.

November 2

  • 8am UTC-3
  • November 2

Japan, Tokyo

Entrepreneur and Customer Research Specialist

Noriko Nakano is an entrepreneur, practical researcher, and a research coach. She is an owner of Japan Direct Research, a boutique company offering research training services for Japanese corporations and user research services for foreign companies. Prior to her own business, she spent around 25 years in product development divisions, initially as a product designer of personal care products, then as consumer research specialist and manager mainly decoding and integrating local consumer insights for new product development in global corporations. Her employers before starting her business include Procter and Gamble Japan, and L’Oreal Japan. Noriko enjoys sharing user research tips for non-researchers and junior researchers as well as doing fieldwork on her own.

  • 9 am UTC-3
  • November 2



A conversation about how diversity can contribute to creating solutions and advancing innovation and new technologies and how plurality can highlight the differences, bringing new inclusive experiences.

UX Designer | LTUX Utrecht

Product Manager | LTUX Brisbane

User Experience Specialist | LTUX Utrecht

Lead Designer

Rhea Althea Guntalilib

Accessibility Support for Bookshare and Accessibility Specialist and Content Writer

  • 1pm UTC-3
  • November 2

USA, San Francisco

UX Lead – Google

Melissa Strader currently manages a design group in Google Health. She spent 10 years working at Google on Google Fiber, Google Voice, and Google Analytics, and other products. Prior to Google, she was the Chief UX Officer for Bloomboard, Inc, Design Leader at eBay, and UX Director for Before moving to Silicon Valley, Melissa was a Human Factors researcher with the University of Maryland Baltimore, School of Medicine. Melissa earned a bachelor of science in psychology with a biopsych emphasis from The Ohio State University, and studied Human Factors and Applied Cognition at George Mason University.

  • 2pm UTC-3
  • November 02

Finland, Espoo

Design Director – Digitalist

Jane Vita is a Design Director at Digitalist. With over 20 years of experience under her belt, Jane’s used her expertise in many design competencies to work in more than 50 projects for a range of different industries and countries. In client projects, Jane acts as a lead consultant helping customers discover their digital future.

  • 5:30 - 6:30 pm UTC-3
  • November 2

USA, Seattle

Designer 2 at Microsoft

Akansha is a UX Designer with 5 years of industry experience and she’s currently working in the Education products teams at Microsoft. Before moving to the U.S. in 2016, She has worked in several startups and non-profits in India leading the end-to-end design process for enterprise products. I also have a Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction from Georgia Tech. She’s interested in interaction design, designing at scale, creating accessible products, multidisciplinary collaboration, and design leadership.

  • 7pm UTC-3
  • November 2

Argentina, Buenos Aires

Luciana Pacheco

UX Design Lead

Luciana has been working for 6 years combining outcomes from qualitative and quantitative studies that help reveal the needs, expectations and behavior of users in order to design experiences that conquer people hearts. Over the years she oriented to the management and development of people in multidisciplinary UX teams. She currently works as a UX Design Project Lead at Mercado Libre and shares his reflections on the technique on Medium. 

Mercedes Lara

UX Design Manager

Mer Lara has been a Design teacher at UBA since 2007 and had passed through multiple universities teaching with a focus on team and peer learning. In 2018 she entered Mercado Libre where she was able to focus on designing user-centered experiences and creating growth dynamics in creative teams.

November 3

  • 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm UTC-3
  • November 3

Peru, Lima

International Consultant, Digital Marketing and Personal Branding

Jessica Guerrero works as an International Consultant. She has +12 years of experience collaborating with companies, entrepreneurs and professionals with digital marketing strategies to achieve their goals. She’s also a professor in Digital Marketing, Chapter Leader at Ladies That UX Lima and also a speaker at conferences in international institutes and universities.

  • 2 pm UTC-3
  • November 3

UK, London

Head of Service Design – FutureGov

Alessandra Canella is a Service Designer with 10 years of experience, working on projects for private and public clients, leading international teams to deliver impact. Tired of designing for the unnecessary, she joined FutureGov, looking to use her expertise to have a real impact. Alessandra has been working on projects for Local and Central Government and the Third Sector, working on housing, children and adult social services, rural transport and health challenges. She is in charge of the Service Design team as well. In May 2020 she launched Mega Mentor, a service to change mentorship for design leaders.

  • 3:30 pm UTC-3
  • November 3



Ladies that UX is a welcoming and transparent community of people who work in UX. Our mission is to build a global community to positively promote and support each other. In this panel, global leaders will offer deeper insights into the humble beginnings of the organization, its impressive growth within a short span of time, its efforts to bridge the geographical and cultural differences, the organization’s accomplishments and its future plans.

Emanuela Damiani

Product/UX Designer

Zsófia Czémán

UX Designer

Luana Cavalcanti

Digital Product Designer

Sabrina Couto

UX Designer

  • 6 pm UTC-3
  • November 3

Brazil, São Paulo

Innovation Design Lead – Grená

Vanessa Pedra is a Chapter Leader at Ladies That UX São Paulo, Innovation Designer Lead at Grená and mentor of UX at the Awari online school. Graduated as a Designer with an MBA in Business Innovation, her goal in these more than 15 years of experience is to spread the concept of design as a way to solve problems, being an agent of transformation oriented to data and results. She has worked with startups and medium and large companies from different segments.

  • 7 pm UTC-3
  • November 3

Panel Hispanic


Ladies that UX is a welcoming and transparent community of people who work in UX. Our mission is to build a global community to positively promote and support each other. In this panel, global leaders will offer deeper insights into the humble beginnings of the organization, its impressive growth within a short span of time, its efforts to bridge the geographical and cultural differences, the organization’s accomplishments and its future plans.

Eugenia Casabona

UX Manager

Jessica Guerrero

International Consultant, Digital Marketing and Personal Branding

Pilar Morones

Product Designer

November 4

  • 9 am UTC-3
  • November 4

India, Bengaluru

Creative Lead – Frog

Veena Sonwalkar has over 16 years of experience and currently leads multi-disciplinary teams at frog Design. She is one of the city leads for Ladies that UX, Bangalore. Prior to frog, she has led design projects with Human Factors International (HFI), Thoughtworks and Mindtree (where she helped set up a design team presence in the US).

  • 11:00 am UTC-3
  • November 4

Ireland, Dublin

Senior UX Researcher at Udemy

Mary is a Senior UX Researcher with a background in engineering and project management spanning more than 20 years. She enjoys collaborating with product teams to develop research-based, user-centred solutions. She is always seeking to innovate and improve her UX research processes to best meet the needs of her teams and, ultimately, her users. She holds a B.E., M Eng Sc and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Digital Media Production. She works at Udemy, Dublin and mentors with Ladies That UX Dublin.

  • 3 pm UTC-3
  • November 4

Italy, Milan

UX Designer & Data Specialist – Imille

Noemi Maggini works as a UX Designer and Data Specialist at Imille. As a UX Designer, her passion is to create digital products and services that are human-centered. As a Neuropsychologist, her focus is to analyze users behaviors and disclose cognitive biases and users needs, one step before them.

  • 4 pm UTC -3
  • November 4

USA, San Francisco

Head of User Experience – Cisco Cloud Security

Claudia Love leads an international team of product designers, researchers, and writers responsible for building cloud security experiences at Cisco. She has been working on making enterprise software more human-centered for over 10 years across the United States and South America. She is passionate about Design Leadership and DesignOps.

  • 5 pm UTC-3
  • November 4

Uruguay, Montevideo 

Product Designer – Theorem LLC

Lucía Bustamante is a Product Designer with 6 years of experience shipping products and collaborating with cross-functional product teams, with passion for turning complex problems into simple and engaging experiences. She also leads Mujeres IT and Dribbble Meetup Montevideo.

  • 7 pm UTC-3
  • November 4

San Mateo, Montevideo California

Director of Product Design

Chetana Deorah is a product design leader and mentor who helps empower human-centered design to achieve high-impact business goals. Currently she is Design Director at Coursera, an online learning platform focusing on consumer Growth and Discovery. She has held leadership roles at Netflix, she led product design for global acquisition & growth with a focus on emerging markets and prior to that she was at Yahoo, Scribd, Betfair, Pivotal Labs, and Pentagram. As an Indian-American, Chetana brings a rich diversity of ideas and influences fostering a culture of product innovation, inclusion, compassionate leadership, and effective communication. When not building digital experiences, she volunteers her time in design education with Interact Project and DesignLab. 

  • 8 pm - UTC-3
  • November 4

Australia, Sydney

Co Founder – Echos

Juliana Prosepio is an entrepreneur and educator, and also the co-founder and Chief Design Officer of ECHOS, an innovation lab and its business units: Echos -School of Design Thinking – a school that puts innovation in practice, and Echos – innovation projects. Over the last 9 years, Juliana has worked to develop an innovation ecosystem in Australia, Brazil, and recently in Portugal to foster the power of design for desirable futures.

November 5

  • 2pm UTC-3
  • November 5

USA, Colorado

Co-Founder – Limina

Maria Taylor is the co-founder of Limina. Her mission is to make digital products and services useful, usable, engaging, and delightful through the application of robust human-centered design-driven techniques. Collectively, Limina’s mission is to enable, expand, and enhance human potential by simplifying complex computer interaction and designing more usable systems.

  • 5pm UTC-3
  • November 5

Argentina, Buenos Aires

UX Manager – Mulesoft

Eugenia Casabona works as a UX Manager at Mulesoft. Graduated as a graphic designer at the University of Buenos Aires, specialized at the National Technological University in usability and accessibility and certified as an Ontological Coach and NLP Practitioner at the Argentine School of Coaching and NLP, with certifications granted by NN / g, UX Alliance and Scrum Alliance. She worked in companies including Sofrecom, MediaLab, Claxson, Avatar, Despegar and Almundo, and she is the Academic Coordinator and teacher of the first UX Research Diploma in Latin America.

  • Waiting
  • November 5


The Future of Ladies That UX

Ladies that UX is a welcoming and transparent community of people who work in UX. Our mission is to build a global community to positively promote and support each other. In this panel, global leaders will offer deeper insights into the humble beginnings of the organization, its impressive growth within a short span of time, its efforts to bridge the geographical and cultural differences, the organization’s accomplishments and its future plans.

Lizzie Dyson

Co Founder

Clara Kliman-Silver

North America Director

Tereza Alux

Latam Director

Jane Shih

APAC Director

Mariana Ozaki

EMEA Director

Kavitha Krishnar

Talk UX Director

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