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Opening by Kimberly SnoylChapter lead Ladies that UX Utrecht & Lizzie DysonCo-founder of Ladies that UX

Why should rational compassion replace empathy, in UX?

Keynote by Denise Pilar

In the last decade the debate over empathy in design and UX has intensified in the UX community. Some defend it with their lives, others say it is not really possible. Even Don Norman said the obsession with empathy in design as if the designer could “enter the person’s head and understand how they feel and what they think” is impossible. And I agree. Understanding only – even if it were truly possible – would not take us where we think. I propose we replace the empathy concept with another one, called rational compassion, introduced by Yale psychologist Paul Bloom which I learned from Dutch Historian Rutger Bregman, and which roughly means, one cares enough about the other and uses rationality to find out the right thing to do. I believe rational compassion can take us there, that is, it can help us to learn about our users, as much as possible, and then design solutions for them that can actually fulfill their needs and wants.

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Masterclass Power of Play

Workshop by Nancy Beers

From her home-base of the stage, Nancy draws people into her seriously playful philosophies and empowering views on teamwork, creativity, emotions, and work-life balance. Using her intrinsic energy and people power, Nancy deploys the power of games to show (not tell) her audiences why play and playfulness are an absolutely essential tool in changing the world, one game at a time. In this Masterclass she will focus on serious games that you can use for teambuilding, connection and reflection.

Workshop Room 2

Shaping the way we think by changing the way we talk (& Design)

Workshop by Sarah Loigge

In this workshop, you will receive an intro to designing with words & how impactful the words in our designs can be. I will share business insights as well as provide fun hands-on exercises for you to learn the core principles of UX Writing so that you can instantly improve your designs by putting a special focus on the wording. I will also touch on how this sub-discipline ties together with an inclusive mindset and accessible design as a whole. We will conclude the session with a Q&A round. See you there 🙂

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Utopian futures for aging, learning and design

Interactive talk by Amyris Fernandez


Agiging is a social tabu that we are currently trying to understand and review. There are body changes and brain changes as well, and both are sistematically misunderstood by young designers. This talk shows the needs to properly address body changes and also explains what really happens with our learning ability.

Workshop Room 2

How to capture user emotions with simple sketches

Workshop by Yvonne van Streefkerk


As UX-ers we deal with human emotions in each step of the UX process: user research, persona creation, customer journey mapping, user stories, usability testing etc. It is sometimes hard to describe user-feelings to others in your team. Visualising them helps to communicate user needs and pain points to your team and stakeholders. In this mini-workshop we will practice a few ways to capture human emotion through simple drawings. Get your pens ready!

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Moderator: Mariana Ozaki 

A conversation about how diversity can contribute to creating solutions and advancing innovation and how communities can support and highlight the differences and more inclusive experiences.

Co-founder of Queer Design Club

Los Angeles Chapter lead Hexagon UX

Chapter lead Hexagon UX

Tereza Alux

Global Director LTUX

Founder of Women in Conversational

Recognition Over Recall: Making & Keeping Your Designer Friends

Keynote by Kat Vellos

Have you ever been to a conference where you met a bunch of wonderful people, but afterwards those new friendship connections fizzled out? Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen this time. Combining her research on adult friendship, plus connection and disconnection in the designer community, author and designer Kat Vellos will be leading a closing session for Talk UX to help you keep your connections going strong. Whether you’re prioritizing new connections you made at TalkUX, or hoping to deepen the friendships with other designers in your world, this is an actionable, insightful and motivating talk you don’t want to miss.

Ladies that UX global leadership panel & announcements

Katrina Liu

Director of LTUX North America

Vania Teofilo

LATAM Regional Director LTUX

Mariana Ozaki

EMEA Director LTUX

Kavitha Krishnan

Director of Talk UX

Tereza Alux

Global Director LTUX

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