Baby Friendly Policy

We’re keen to welcome as many people as possible to Talk UX and to make it a supportive and welcoming environment. We want to ensure that this includes mothers on maternity leave. And dads on paternity leave too. So, if you have a small baby and wish to attend Talk UX, you can add on a free baby ticket when you buy your ticket.

Baby changing facilities will be available at Fairfield and you should feel free to feed your baby in any space at the conference. We will have an area set aside for mothers who wish to breastfeed somewhere more private too.

We recognise that this is a paid, professional event and so would request that babies in need of comforting during speaker sessions are taken to the breakout area. We’ll make sure that, if you’re bringing your baby, you’ll have seats reserved near the exits, so it’s handier for you to get in and out for any changes or comfort breaks, and so as to allow you to have your buggy nearby if needed.

Please note that we won’t have childcare available at the event, so care will be your responsibility. The nature of the event space makes it less suitable for children who’ve found their feet and are exploring the world (it may be crowded during breaks, with hot food and drinks being moved around. The sessions might be a little dull for them too!), therefore, we strongly recommend that you only bring babes-in-arms.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us –