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This month, we’re celebrating connectivity with the InnovateHer movement and, along with that, one of our organisers – Head of UX and all-round good Scottish egg – Llara Geddes. 


In September, a plethora of incredible women in tech will gather at Fairfield Social Club to talk all things connectivity and, the all-important and never-to-be-forgotten human side of design and technology.

Llara is leading the charge this year in delivering a barn-storming fifth annual Talk UX conference; she’s Head of UX at User Conversion, a soon-to-be-mum, an awesome dancer, an alumni Ladies That UX Manchester volunteer and just recently she gave her time and energy to be a part of the InnovateHer movement.

Llara says “I’ve been keen to be involved with InnovateHer since I attended the launch event. Having previously been involved with Liverpool Girl Geeks events, I knew the programme would be incredible. Spending eight weeks tutoring has been an eye-opening and confidence building experience and, we know it’s had a really positive impact on the girls. And that’s why I was keen to be involved in Talk UX too. I’ve experienced the ways in which the supportive community of Ladies that UX affects people, and couldn’t turn down the chance to host the annual conference here in Manchester.”

A movement after Talk UX’s heart; InnovateHer’s mission is to get girls ready for the tech industry and the industry ready for girls.

“Reach out to the field, find people who do what you want to do.”

Llara Geddes

Throughout the first half of 2019, Llara took part in InnovateHer’s Schools Programme, and we couldn’t help but see the connectivity between her inspiring experience there and the kind of feeling we want to create at this year’s Talk UX.

This year, we want to discuss careers, connections and hear from women who’re moving through tech careers and navigating what it means to be a woman in our digital landscape in 2019.

There really are no limits to what we can achieve and this year’s Talk UX will be a celebration of making the most of every connection that comes our way – in the words of Llara

“Remember that tech is amazing but people are amazing too, connections with people are just as important as what you know”

Llara Geddes

Hear more from Llara here

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