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Talk UX 2019 – the ideal way to spend maternity leave?

Talk UX and Ladies that UX are all about showcasing the experience and expertise of women and bringing together a community of women in the UX field. Ladies that UX started as a way for women (when we say women, we mean anyone identifying as) to find, identify and learn from others in the field and to help increase visibility.

With this in mind, we want as many women as possible to be able to attend Talk UX. And we recognise that, when women are on maternity leave, it makes it harder to get along to events like conferences – after all, tiny babies aren’t going to take care of themselves, partners have often returned to work, and childcare may not yet be established, or even appropriate. This is even more frustrating when you consider that events like this are a great way for women to feel connected to their professional lives and to help retain a sense of their pre-baby selves, at an amazing, but challenging time.

So we’re keen to support mothers and fathers on maternity/paternity leave to bring their babies along to Talk UX. If this is you, simply add a free baby ticket when you buy your conference ticket. We’ll have baby changing facilities available and you can feed your baby in any space at the conference. We’ll also have an area reserved for mothers who wish to breastfeed somewhere more private. Plus, we’ll make sure you have seats reserved near the exits, so it’s handier for you to get in and out for any changes or comfort breaks, and so as to allow you to have your buggy nearby.

Note that we won’t have child care facilities, so care of your baby will be your responsibility. You can check out the full policy on site. We’d love to get your feedback – as UXers, we’re always looking to learn and improve, so if you think there’s a way we can do that, let us know – We’d also love to hear about and share your stories of having your baby with you at professional events!

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