Reflect & Connect

Online event • October 7 • 3 PM to 9 PM CET

Talk UX is an annual international design & technology conference led by women

Online event • October 7
3 PM to 9 PM CET

Talk UX is brought to you by Ladies that UX, a global inclusive community that aims to support female talent and increase female visibility in design and tech. Founded in Manchester, Ladies that UX is leading an international movement, with chapters in over 80 cities worldwide, that empowers women to achieve their full potential. Our community is inclusive to all background, gender, age, race and expertise.

This year’s theme is “Reflect & Connect”

Reflect on yourself, your work and the community & connect with each other by learning, playing and experimenting together with speakers, masterclasses and playful interactive sessions via – a new and seamless way of attending an online event.

Featured Speakers

Kat Vellos

Experience Designer, Speaker and Connection Coach , Kat Vellos Design & Consulting​

Kat is a user experience designer, speaker and connection coach. She is author of ‘We Should Get Together’ and ‘Connected from Afar’. Her work crosses disciplines, but is almost always focused on helping others thrive by having more creative and connected lives. “Bring intention to how you want people to connect.”

Amyris Fernandez

UX & business Strategist, UX Change Academy Founder & Director

Amyris is a creative and passionate Business Strategy, Digital Media and eLearning professional who has successfully built and led innovative Digital Marketing, UX Design and eLearning projects in a variety of environments.Throughout her product management and UX career, she paired a strong focus on business strategy with her advanced team building and mentoring skills.

Sarah Loigge

UX Designer & UX Writer,

Sarah is a UX Designer and UX Writer from Graz, Austria. She graduated from engineering school in 2019 and has been working at Parkside (an agency in Graz) ever since. Her passions are writing for inclusion, designing for accessibility, and having thought-provoking discussions about society & the world.

Denise Pilar

UX Research & UX Strategy Expert, Nubank

Denise is a UX Researcher/Strategist, currently interested in UX Strategy and Inclusive Design, and mentoring UXers. She holds BS and MS degrees in Computer Science, a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, and an MBA in Positive Psychology. Her first contact with UX was back in 1995, in a 2-hour UCD seminar, in Belgium. Since then, she enjoys advocating for the users, even in her personal time, and trying to contribute to a more humane future.

Yvonne de Meij van Streefkerk

Freelance UX Specialist, Kazenda UX & UX Academy

Yvonne is a freelance UX dinosaur, passion for understanding people and processes, rediscovered her love for sketching, believes that if everybody starts drawing (again) the world will become a better place.

Nancy Beers

International Speaker about play in business and gamification, Happy Game Changers

Nancy Beers, aka Happy Game Changer, finally found out what she wants to be when she grows up. With a strong background in IT, teaching, music, gamification, play, and all things Agile, she is a Jack-of-all trades and is here to spark innovation, boost creativity and ignite a little crazy. Her mission? Change the world, one game at a time.

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