“Talk UX 2022 Tokyo” has ended. Thank you.
Stay tuned for Talk UX next year!

November 2-3, 2022

2nd,8:30am – 3rd,4:30am (UTC)
2nd,5:30pm – 3rd,1:30pm (JST)

Held online in Tokyo

“Glocal UX”

Let’s think about UX globally and locally.

The theme of Talk UX 2022 Tokyo is Glocal UX. Let’s think about UX globally and locally. Because of the current development of remote technology, global and local advantages are rapidly becoming connected.


Fumiko Inada

CEO, Bee Informatica Sdn. Bhd. 

TALK: UX for Fintech

Nov.2, 8:30 – 9:15 (UTC)

Madalena Costa

UX/UI Designer for Glanceable and Chapter Co-leader Ladies that UX Lisbon

TALK: Breaking into UX field

Nov.2, 9:15 – 10:00 (UTC)

Rittika Basu

Visual Designer

TALK: Age and Interface: Equipping Older Adults (60+ years) with technological tools

Nov.2, 10:00 – 10:45 (UTC)

Shir Zalzberg-Gino

Senior UX Manager Salesforce

TALK: In-app feedback:
collecting real-time feedback from your users.

Nov.2, 14:30 – 15:15 (UTC)

Luciana Terceiro

UX Designer

TALK: Digital accessibility in the making

Nov.2, 15:15 – 16:00 (UTC)

Esra Gokgoz

Principal Designer in Data and AI

TALK: Designing for an AI Product

Nov.2, 16:00 – 16:45 (UTC)

Diane Cronenwett

Meta, Product Designer

TALK: Driving product strategy as a designer

Nov.2, 16:45 – 17:30 (UTC)

Zosia Czerska

UX Researcher | ZDesign

TALK: Deep insights from customer interviews

Nov.2, 20:30 – 21:15 (UTC)

Hasani C.M. Burns

Sr. UX Designer

TALK: Empowering/Motivational

Nov.2, 21:15 – 22:00 (UTC)

Michelle Resende Campos

UX Manager

TALK: Scalable design – the role of UX, PM and Engineers

Nov.2, 22:00 – 22:45 (UTC)

Chanae Yuriko Evans

Senior UX Designer

TALK: Finding success in a small UX design team

Nov.2, 22:45 – 23:30 (UTC)

Ida Ström

Senior Product Designer

TALK: Designing financial technology products

Nov.2, 23:30 – 0:15 (UTC)

Nandita Gupta

Accessibility Product Manager, Microsoft

TALK: How may we view our products and processes with the lens of accessibility & inclusion?

Nov.3, 0:15 – 1:00 (UTC)

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Team & Volunteers

Learn about all of the women volunteering to bring this conference to Tokyo.

Eriko Toda

Ladies that UX Tokyo Chapter Leader

Miho Kurai

UX/Technical Writer, Consumer Affairs Advisor

Kazuko Hayakawa

UX Designer

Ayano Iwanaga

Premier Consultant

Yoko Kadono

Charlotte Kwan

A returner in sustainable marketing & corporate sponsorship

Izumi Shibasaki

Intercultural Professional

Kei Kudo

PR consultant

Rie Muroga

UX Designer

Matsunaga Noriko

UX Designer