Talk UX is an annual international design & technology

conference led by wome


This year’s theme is “Reflect & Connect”


Reflect on yourself, your work and the community & connect with each other by learning, playing and experimenting together with speakers, masterclasses and playful interactive sessions via – a new and seamless way of attending an online event.


Kat Vellos

Experience Designer, Speaker and Connection Coach , Kat Vellos Design & Consulting

Amyris Fernandez

UX & business Strategist, UX Change Academy Fouder & Director

Sarah Loigge

UX Designer & UX Writer, Parkside

Denise Pilar

UX Research & UX Strategy
Expert, SAP Labs Latin America

Yvonne de Meij van Streefkerk

Freelance UX Specialist,
Kazenda UX & UX Academy

Nancy Beers

International Speaker about play
in business and gamification,
Happy Game Changers


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Team & Volunteers

Learn about all of the women volunteering to bring this conference to Manchester.

Kimberly Snoyl

UX Researcher & Sr. Software Tester

Anouschka Scholten

Interaction Designer, User Researcher & UX Consultant, Trainer and Coach

Marcella Rademakers

UX Designer

Paulina Meraza Farfan

UX Researcher

Mariana Ozaki

Service Designer

Tereza Alux

Design Leader

Kavitha Krishnan

UX Leader and Director of Talk UX