About Us

This event is hosted by Ladies That UX, a global organization founded in Manchester, that has created an international community of inspiring supportive women in tech. Our mission is to promote women in UX and celebrate their innovative work at the intersection of User Experience, Design, and Technology. Since 2015, Talk UX has engaged prominent UX leaders and speakers from Bloomberg, Google, HipChat, eBay, Facebook, Skype, Warner Bros. Records and more!

We shed light on the bridges that women in UX build between problems and solutions, user needs and products, and design and technology.

When I took over as the Director of Talk UX, I was determined to promote UX practices from around the world. Each region has unique UX challenges and innovations that the rest of the world could learn and benefit from. To accomplish my goal, over the last six years, I have organized Talk UX conferences at various locations that include Boston (US), Manchester (UK), Sao Paolo (Brazil), Utrecht (Netherlands) and Tokyo (Japan), in collaboration with local regional chapters of Ladies that UX. In these events, we had a good mix of local speakers and global leaders in the field. Talk UX has emerged as a premier event for all things UX practice and networking. I hope to see you at the next Talk UX soon.

Kavitha Krishnan

Talk UX Director

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